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Faith And Art

As artists and believers we believe that faith and art go hand in hand; we gain inspiration from the Greatest Artist. We want to provide a creative space where we can freely and shamelessly share our stories, personal convictions, values and beliefs through art together. We as artists are constantly figuring out what it means to be rooted in faith in an ever evolving artistic world.

Storytelling And Charatcters

We believe in telling stories from a variety of viewpoints, which means there will be times when those stories conflict with our personal worldview, and in those moments, it is essential to be equipped with the ability to ask questions involving culture, life, faith and beliefs. Theatrical Endeavors is committed to using discernment when selecting stories to tell. That being said, there may be pieces we produce that involve characters who do not reflect the biblical convictions of a Christ follower. We do not have to agree with these characters, but it is important to have them represented honestly and with excellence nonetheless. As artists striving to follow Christ in a world that does not, we are challenged to develop discernment by examining these characters.

Integrity, Morals And Beliefs

We believe in representing characters honestly, but through the integrity of never pressuring an artist to step outside of their moral convictions, values and beliefs. When minors are concerned, we take having them play mature roles very seriously. Theatrical Endeavors is committed to never pressuring a young performer to portray anything they are morally uncomfortable with, or placing them in a position that encourages the audience to view them through an inappropriate lens. We want our artists to create characters and performances that they are proud and confident presenting to their community.

Making The Arts Accessible To Everyone

We believe that participating in the performing arts should be accessible to everyone. With the current situation of the world, we are committed to honoring medical privacy and never restricting anyone's artistic involvement based on personal medical choices. Though our organization is committed to honoring values and beliefs of the Christian faith, we openly welcome participants who do not share the same faith but are willing to show mutual respect for our beliefs as we strive to show the love of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness etc.) in return.

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